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What is Forex?

What is Forex?

Forex basically stands for foreign exchange, well, forex is a global marketplace for exchanging currencies.

How to start trading on forex?

How to start trading on Forex?

Well, if you are looking to get super rich within a short period of time, maybe Forex is not the right choice for you.

When can you trade Forex?

When can you trade Forex?

Forex market is open 5 days a week. You can also choose your trading routine per the market sessions (Asian, NY, London, etc.)

Why choose Forex over others?

Why choose Forex over others?

The choice is personal and depends upon your understanding of the market’s operation.


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Steph Joseph Burns

Trading edges will come from discipline & proper position sizing. Just staying in the game is your first priority, most people can’t function without being overwhelmed by their own emotions & ego. Manage these & you will be a top trader & be ready for your own system development.

– Steve Joseph Burns

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