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Fundednext Review 2023: Best Forex Prop Firm??

A lot of prop firms have been in the ecosystem when it comes to getting a funded account, but is Fundednext really worth it? In this Fundedenext review, I took the express model so that I can give you a better overview of how things really are, profit splits, Dashboard, news trading, customer support, and how their support team responded.

I have tried to cover everything so far.

Key Takeaways from FundedNext Review

I decided to go with Funded Next due to its adaptability. As a trader, it is essential to look for flexibility when it comes to your trading approach since most traders have their own unique style of trading; be it day trading, swing trading, or scalping. The most noteworthy aspect is the 15% benefit portion in the trading phase. Had a good experience so far, things are fast whether it’s the assessment phases or having a real funded account.

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So, let’s get started in this in-depth and 100% authentic fundednext review.

Start trading with FundedNext with a 100% Profit Split from the Demo Phase.

FundedNext Funding Programs: Tried & Tested Fundednext Review

As a forex trader, looking for a funded account can open doors to bigger opportunities, obliviously having a bigger funded account can result in a bigger profit share, so what is the 15% profit share in the demo phase? Well, funded next offers up to a 90% profit split after you have passed the demo phase.

Fundednext review

Why Fundednext for Prop Trading?

  • 15% Profit Split in the Demo Phase
  • Up to 90% Profit Share in the Real Account (Starts with 60% for some models)
  • Now have the Consistency and Non-Consistency Model
  • Minimum trading days as low as 5 days
  • One time Fee (Refundable)
  • Top-up Option available
  • Regulated Broker (EightCap)

Fundednext Trading Models | Fundednext Review

Fundednext basically offers 2 different trading models, including some of the subcategories:

  • Evaluation Model
  • Express Model

Evaluation Model by

The evaluation model is best suitable for forex traders that fall into the swing trading aspect of trading style. The Evaluation model is divided into two phases:

  1. The first phase with a 10% Profit target in a trading cycle (4 weeks)
  2. The second phase with a 5% Profit target in a trading cycle (4 weeks)

So, basically, it is a 2-month trading model, and if you make it through the profit target without violating any rules that they have, congratulations, you have made it through. But it is worth mentioning that Fundednext rules are designed such that only the best forex traders are done with passing the phase, and what makes you a successful trader? Discipline and consistency.

Similar to the profit target in the evaluation phase, the daily loss, overall loss, daily drawdown, and overall drawdown runs around 5% to 10% of the trading account. The evaluation model does not have a consistency rule and offers a bi-weekly payout.

Express Model by Fundednext

Recently Fundednext has recently come up with this consistency and non-consistency express model. As an overview, it can be said that the consistency model has the consistency rule, whereas the non-consistency model does not have any rules applied.

Fundednext Consistency Model (Express)

The Consistency model is one of my personal favorites. As the name states, the consistency model is focused primarily on the consistency rule along with other rules to look after. Fundednext consistency rule looks after different parameters such as the number of trades and lot size, which are further sub-categorized into:

Fundednext Consistency Model (Express)
  • Current Average (Average count of trades, both lot wise and number of traders)
  • Overall Average (Average count of trades in an overall trading cycle, both lot-wise and number of traders)
  • Upper Limit (The maximum number of trades or lots you can take)
  • Lower Limit (The minimum number of trades or lots you can take)
  • Standard Deviation (Suggested to keep between 2.0)

From my experience so far, the consistency rule is quite a great thing in terms of making yourself a disciplined funded trader overall, this, as a result, can help you in a number of ways, as the number of trades and lot size does matter a lot when it comes to day trading, so consistency trade rule is a positive thing overall.

Fundednext Stellar Plan (New Plan Updated)

Fundednext has recently come up with the Stellar plan and the best thing about the Stellar account is that it is available for a minimal cost of $59 for a $6000 account, and goes up to a $200,000 trading account.

The Fundednext Stellar account is available in 2 different phases, which basically include:

  • 1 Step Evaluation
  • 2 Step Evaluation

The 1 Step evaluation is something that I basically prefer as my personal choice, but this can totally depend upon your trading style and how you see forex trading across multiple aspects.

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Using the Fundednext coupon code STELLAR10 you can get yourself an additional discount of 10% which is indeed an excellent saving overall.

Fundednext Scale up Plan

The Scale-up plan was something that really got my attention, of course, you’ll be having your way around this scale-up plan when you have been consistent, after getting your 4th consecutive payout, and it’s somewhat around 10% profit on your real funded account. After making a 10% profit on your trading account for 4 consecutive months, you’ll be offered a bigger account, of course, no rules violation is something you gotta look into.

FundedNext Withdrawal Process

If you have successfully completed the phase or perhaps even made a profit in your demo account, you are allowed to make a withdrawal. The only thing you need to remember is that you should not be breaking any of the regulations outlined in the FundedNext rules. Fundednext provides a variety of withdrawal payment methods, including Perfect Money, USDT/Tether, BTC, and Deel (Bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, Revoult, Wise, Deel Card, and Coinbase).

It is worth mentioning that you’ll be able to withdraw your profits only at the end of a trading cycle, in addition to that, you can make a successful withdrawal using the profits that you have earned in a certain trading cycle or by taking a 15% profit split of your demo phase.

Reviews of

The reviews so far on fundednext from the traders globally are overall good, they have got a 4.7 Star rating from 5 which is really great in terms of customer satisfaction. Sites like Trustpilot have more than 2000+ reviews.

fundednext review trustpilot

FAQs on Fundednext Review 2023: The Real Deal Prop Firm

Who owns Fundednext?

Fundednext is a Bangladesh-origin prop firm for forex traders that offers trading accounts up to $200,000 but with a scaleup plan of up to $4 Million. Mr. Abdullah Jayed is the one who has been delivering great value to traders globally as the CEO/Founder of Fundednext.

How does a Prop Firm make money?

An organization that offers prop traders the chance to use their expertise to trade for them is known as a prop business. In order to trade equities, commodities, futures, derivatives, and currencies, the company provides traders with capital. As a trader, this implies that you are free to decide what to trade.

Is Fundednext the Best Prop firm?

If we compare fundednext with most of the prop firms in the market, it won’t be wrong to say that fundednext is quite a great choice. The 15% profit split in the demo phase along with a $99 one-time fee for a $15000 trading account seems like an affordable deal.

Why I chose fundednext over other prop firms in trading?

One of the main reasons I chose funded next was its flexibility, as a trader, you should always seek flexibility in how your trading style is, as most of the traders have some kind of trading style, and this basically includes whether you are a day trader, a swing trader or a scalper.

Since you have a trading and risk management module, and a strategy set for yourself (hopefully you have one!!), the consistency model was not a big issue for me.

Now on the other side, the best part is the 15% profit share in the trading phase. i.e. whatever profit you make in the demo phase without violating any rule, you’ll be getting a 15% profit share which is one of its kind if compare to a proprietary trading firm. Whereas, if we look forward to the first payout, the fundednext offers a scale-up after consecutive profitable payouts and if they are in 10% each month, you might get a scaled-up account, ultimately increasing your account balance (trading account).

My overall experience with fundednext dedicated account manager has been really great, things have been getting really great as the support was on point and things have been really great so far, also I came across many reviews on trust pilot and other review sites that showed they were scammed, but I didn’t have that experience overall.

One of the primary reasons that it was shown this way was because it is a fact that there are thousands of retail forex traders being born every day, and most of them are impulsive in terms of forex trading. It is highly recommended to make your way around the rules and have a thorough analysis of which prop firms are best as per your trading style and strategies.

Hopefully, this fundednext review might be able to make up your mind on making the right choice in terms of choosing forex trading.

Comparison between Fundednext vs FTMO

FTMO and FundedNext are two top-notch proprietary trading companies. Since FundedNext only recently began functioning in March 2022, their incorporation date would be the primary distinction between them. The Trustpilot reviews clearly demonstrate the difference. The finance choices would be the main difference in addition to that. While FTMO only includes a two-phase evaluation, FundedNext provides both a one-phase and a two-phase evaluation.



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