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FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding: $45 One Time Fee?

Are you looking to increase capital for trading? If so, investing in a forex prop firm is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey. FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding are two of the most popular, affordable, and trusted forex prop firms when it comes to choosing among top-tier prop firms. Each platform features different evaluation modules and offers up to $200,000 in trading capital. With these two firms, you can choose the best trading module for your needs and take your capital investment to the next level.

FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding

In this comparison article, we’ll examine the services of FundedNext and Finotive Funding. We’ll also pit the two companies against each other in regard to what they can provide to forex traders.

Without any further delay, let’s get started with all the parameters that can help you make the right choice between Fundednext and Finotive funding. We’ll be comparing both of these prop firms based on different parameters like which was founded when? Which one offers the right plans suitable for you and whether their rules and regulations fall under the right set of trading parameters from your side?

Just in case, you want to check a detailed separate review on both of these prop firms, click on the review links mentioned below:

Key Differences: FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding

We’ll be comparing both of these prop firms based on different parameters such as their time in the market, the brokers that they use, the evaluation phases, how much they cost, Leverage offered, profit splits, and much more.

Prop firms such as FundedNext and Finotive Funding are popular options for forex trading. They both offer affordable options for funding and have different evaluation phases, brokers, and trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. In terms of profit split, FundedNext offers a higher split of profits compared to Finotive Funding.

Redeem Finotive Funding Coupon

However, when it comes to the cost of the plan, Finotive Funding is more affordable than FundedNext. The leverage offered by these two firms also differs; FundedNext offers a maximum leverage of 1:100 whereas Finotive Funding offers up to 1:400 leverage. While both firms are good options for forex trading, a more in-depth comparison should be done before choosing a prop firm that best suits your needs.

FundedNextFinotive Funding
BrokersEightCapFinotive Market (In-house)
Started onMarch 2022April 2021
Leverage100:1Upto 400:1
Profit Split60% to 90% 75% to 95%
Plan starts from$99$50
Minimum trading capital offered$15000$2500
Crypto tradingNoYes
Overall Rating (TrustPilot)4.4/54.3/5
Demo phase profit split15%No

Ratings of FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding on Trustpilot

FundedNext has got something around 4.6 stars and around 3400+ reviews, whereas if we check out Finotive funding on Trustpilot, it has got only around 117 reviews with a 4.1 Stars rating.

fundednext review trustpilot

But all this comes with a bit of a twist, where FundedNext might have more reviews Trustpilot is currently showing an info box where it mentions that there were some fake reviews found and the Trustpilot team has removed them. But we can say that even though the fake reviews are removed, FundedNext has got some great results overall.

Which prop trading firm is best for me? FundedNext or Finotive Funding

The answer to this question depends upon your trading style and the amount that you are willing to pay. For example, Finotive is a good-to-go option as the most affordable prop firm as its plan starts from $50 only, whereas if the price is not an issue you can explore Fundednext as your proprietary trading firm.

Funded Account at $45

Start your Funded Trading Account at $45 only. Get your Standard Finotive Funding Account.

More Less
Doesn't expire

For Aggressive Traders

If you are an aggressive trader that trades with high leverage or maybe within a lower time period, FundedNext has got an instant funding model. Fundednext have two funded trading model which includes Evaluation and Express model. The express models can be considered a suitable option for aggressive traders, whereas the FundedNext express model is categorized into consistency and non-consistency account.

Finotive Funding also has an aggressive model (Instant funding account) which offers a weekly withdrawal threshold of 7.5%, 16% equity drawdown, 65% profit split, etc.

For Normal and not-so-aggressive traders

If we look forward to both Finotive and FundedNext it is worth mentioning that both of these prop firms offer some excellent services for forex traders, this basically includes the Evaluation model by Fundednext and the Standard Model by Finotive Funding. Well, both of them are a bit different from each other as Finotive Funding have a phase 1 target of 7.5% whereas, FundedNext has a target of 10% in 1st phase of evaluation, whereas both of them have a target of only 5% in phase 2.

Alternative to Finotive Funding and FundedNext

The search for the best prop firm might go a bit longer and there are several proprietary firms that deliver the best services under different parameters, some of the Fundednext and Finotive Funding alternative are as follow:



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