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Cue Banks Net Worth 2023: The Genuine Side of Net Worth

As a forex trader, you might have come across the name Quillan Roberto Black aka Cue Banks. I personally have been a great admirer of his work and the hustle.

Apart from forex trading, he’s also a Youtuber with a subscriber base of 81.5K+, Cue Banks net worth is somewhat around $4+ million, there isn’t solid data available but by running estimation of most of his trades and the number of students he has enrolled in his personal mentorship program, no doubt he’s already a millionaire.

Just in case you are looking forward to becoming focused full-time on trading like Cue banks, let’s have a look at this article on Cue Banks net worth while learning something about what his sources are, you never know maybe you’ll stumble upon something new for your own business.

Cue Banks Net Worth & Personal Life

Original NameQuillan Roberto Black
Also Known AsCue Banks
Net Worth$4+ Million
Date of Birth1991 (Exact date NA)
Birth PlaceJamaica (Mandeville)
Currently livingMiami, Florida
High SchoolSchool Board of Broward County, Florida
Marital StatusIn a relationship (Macy Jahoda)
HobbiesSuper Car Enthusiast
Social MediaCue Banks Instagram
Have any Children?Yes

Cue Banks Early Life In & Before Forex Trading

Undoubtedly Cue Banks is a successful trader now in forex trading, but the start wasn’t easy or we can say he didn’t know much about forex trading in his earlier days. He was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica by his parents. In his early adulthood, at the age of 20, he was earning around $8.5 per hour, and by he started his journey in forex trading by the age of 24 (approx.), of course as a new trader things were not as smooth as they should be.

In the early stages of his trading life, he was making around $800 a week which sounds decent for a starter in forex trading so, if we consider it as of now, Cuebanks has been in forex trading for approx 7+ years (2023).

After starting his journey in fx trading, he started getting along with people with the same interests, as he shared a post on his Instagram profile, he was making a weekly profit of $2000+ and increased his profit to $9000+ in a single day. He started with a mission to make a community for forex traders and named it “Forever in Profit”. As of now, he is also the founder of wall street academy and personally mentors several forex traders, his trading style and discipline have been on point for a long time.

No doubt that after opening wall street academy in 2016, he has constantly been working around various trading methods to create the right strategy. He has combined skills and different trading styles over the years to be where he is today, well, if you are a student of Wall Street Academy, Cue banks like to make trading simple rather than making a modern art over charts. And all this consistent effort can be considered one of the most important factors in making cue bank’s net worth where it is now. The courses offered by him to traders are designed to fast-track their understanding of forex trading.

Even though we don’t know if he personally follows the 5 fundamental truths of trading, it won’t be wrong to say that he and his trading style do align over those.

To get along with Cue Banks Free Telegram Group << Click Here

Cue Banks Wall Street Academy: How much did Wall Street Academy Increase Cue Banks Net Worth?

Cue banks have two different education platforms, Forever in Profit and Wall Street Academy, after Forever in Profit’s achieving success, Cue launched Wall Street Academy as a personal coaching program in 2016. He educates people on trading in his own technique. According to him, by concentrating on one single trading style, individuals can speed up their comprehension of the markets.

Cue Banks Wall Street Academy

Two courses have been specified on Wall Street Academy’s website. The first is designated Main Online Course and it costs approximately $759.99. The Wall Street Academy has around 9000+ students, which is a great studying and trading option overall for many students across the globe. The Wall Street Academy gives access to Lifetime membership, a Facebook support group, and access to past and upcoming webinars, giving access to recorded content while having 24/7 access to the online training system.

Cue Banks Car Collection

Cue Banks Car Collection
Cue Banks Car Collection

Cue Banks has a selection of cars, including the 2020 Ferrari Pista, the exclusive 2020 Ferrari 812 N Largo 1 of 18, the high-performance 2017 Lamborghini Aventador SV, the top-of-the-line 2018 Lamborghini Performante UGR, and the luxurious 2019 AUDI RS5 Sportback.

Cue Banks Present Life: Present Cue Banks Net Worth

Currently, Cue Banks is living in Miami, Florida, and have multiple income streams, some of the publically known income streams include:

  • Forex Trading
  • Youtube Channel (Youtube Advertising Revenue)
  • Wall Street Academy (Cue banks course)

In past, Cue used his Youtube Channel to analyze the forex market (to keep enlightening people with his skills and various trading methods), but currently, he uses his YT channel to make personal blogs and has this series going “Beyond the Charts with CueBanks“. His favorite forex tool (Indices) he trades on is US30, as the market is volatile and has good momentum, he basically unlocks his full potential of trading forex on it. He usually uploads a video for 2-3 weeks at a time, well, of course, have to wait for some time to watch this entrepreneur in his vlogs to show his lavish lifestyle.

Cue banks also have some great friends like Lamboraul, Alex, and many other traders. Of course, as a lot of people, successful people say that you become who you spend your time with, you become the overall result of 5 people you spend your time with.

On another aspect, if you are wondering how much money does cue banks make from forex trading alone? I have seen him take 6 figure trades in a day, ranging from 100k to 200k, he might be making more you never know. Well, you gotta earn a lot to be a real car enthusiast like Cue banks.

Cue banks Youtube Earnings and History

In 2009, Cue created the Cue Banks YouTube channel. If we look at the current scenario, Cue Banks’ Youtube channel has an annual ad revenue of $12000. At first, he posted clips about finance, mainly specializing in Forex trading. Afterward, he began creating vlogs to show his viewers his prosperous lifestyle that he obtained by trading in Forex. Cue has an enthusiastic group of supporters who are passionate about his work. 

As a person, he has constantly been working to make people know and learn more about fx trading.

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FAQs on Cur Bank Net Worth

How rich is Cue Banks?

Cue Banks estimated net worth is around $4 to 5 million including real estate, cars, trading accounts, etc.

How old is Cue Banks?

Cue Banks’s current age is around 32 as of now in 2023.

Do Cue Banks offer any free courses?

Cue Banks does not offer any free courses that we are aware of, but you can choose to join Cue Banks telegram channel to get some insights about his trading style and strategies.




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