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Forex Trading Telegram Group Links 2023: Only the Trusted Ones

Searching for trusted and reliable forex trading telegram group links can be really difficult at times, well, I have mentioned some of the best forex telegram channels and groups, basically the best ones that I have tested myself and would love to move along with. But before we get started with the list of these forex signals providers, it is highly recommended to study and analyze the strategies that are being used, trusting and implementing these forex signals blindly can impact you negatively on so many levels.

I have been in this industry for quite some time and getting the correct type of mentorship and guidance is something we all should focus on rather than making a whole of money in a short period. The forex traders and groups that I have mentioned below are basically more trusted people and channels from my end, the telegram trading groups that I have mentioned below do not focus on sending free signals but also focus on what their trade analysis is and what they think about that forex setup, rather than just going blindly on what signal you get, it is highly recommended to learn about the forex trading.

Forex Trading Telegram Group Links

Best forex trading telegram group links: Learn forex with Ronin

Before we hop into the list of these telegram channels, let’s take a look at the key aspects that you should be focusing on the brighter side in order to make more out of the forex market. As someone who has been trading for quite some time now and not seeing any positive results, you should be working more on making a sound and tested forex strategy, well, you need to work on the best currency pairs that suit your trading style and timing.

For example, you are from the US, so basically you should be working on the currency pairs with USD in them (XAUUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.), the reason behind this is because you’ll be functional on these pairs in the right time as per your daily life routine. Well, we’ll have covered all this strategy, etc. sometime later in another article, let’s get started with the forex signal telegram groups (more of forex learning trading groups).

Best Forex Telegram Group Links: My Honest Review & Feedback

Trader Nick Telegram Group

If you have been in the forex industry for quite some time now, you might have come across the name Trader Nick and just in case you are not aware of who is Trader Nick, I’ll just pin his Youtube channel, along with his social media accounts.

Trader Nick telegram group

One of the main reasons Nick has been a trusted person is due to the type of transparency that he has with the audience, rather than selling any of the courses or making people fall into any so-called forex courses, he has focused on building a great ecosystem for forex traders, I myself has been following him since he had somewhere around 1000-2000 subscribers on Youtube, you can surely check out his Youtube Channel, and this will be more than enough to give you the idea why he is more of a trusted person as compared to others.

You might get amazed to know that Nick has also got some experience in wall street, I mean he has an active trader in stock markets as well, but the telegram channel is dedicated towards Forex trading. Since I have been following him for quite some time now, risk management is one of the most important things on which Nick and his team pay emphasis. So years of experience in wall street and the forex market, make him kind of a reliable source in terms of learning something new.

He does not have a forex telegram channel by his own name but by name of A1 Trading, some of the team members include Will and Julie. They also have regular live streams with some of the best Forex traders in the industry.

Trader Nick also has a VIP room made over discord for a small fee, well, unlike so-called forex gurus, Nick’s VIP group is not a signal group but more of a community for knowledge where traders including Nick shares their trading analysis, so basically you can give this Fx group a try. You can get along with chart analysis and make your way around valuable information and educational content.

Cue Banks Telegram Group

Cue Banks has been a popular forex trader, and many people have been following him for quite some time now, but what makes him an excellent person is due to his skills and him being straightforward about trading, well, if you scroll down on his Instagram you might get an idea from where it all started and how are things going now.

Want to know Cue banks net worth? Check out this article
Cue banks telegram channel

Cue also has a Cue Tips Friday every Friday on Instagram, so I would recommend you check his profile once. In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that the Cue Banks telegram channel is managed by him and his team, so the forex trading signals that you get are a mix of their analysis.

Benson Telegram Group

Benson can be considered as one of the under-radar traders so far, well he had an Instagram ID earlier but was deactivated or something like that, well, he is now back and it can be said that he is one of the reliable traders among others in the forex market. Basically, he usually trades on the bearish bias but is sometimes bullish depending upon the market conditions.

Benson 4x Telegram Channel

It is worth mentioning that Benson not only shares his trades on his telegram channel but also gives his view on that trade setup, which makes him a trusted forex trader in the Forex ecosystem.

Now that we have gone through some of the best forex trading telegram group links, it’s time to get through some of the forex knowledge chunks, so let’s move on with that.

Should I use telegram groups for Forex trading?

No, and Yes!! You can use forex trading telegram groups to run analysis over the trades performed or shown by your trader, but don’t blindly follow, as this would not lead to your growth of yourself as a knowledgeable forex trader. Remember that forex trading is a game of self-discipline and knowledge and if you cannot control your OWN trades what’s the point of being into forex trading, we can say that you might fall into the 99% group and the 1% will still be a dream for you.

So, that’s it for now, hopefully, the above-mentioned information might help you in some way, keep learning and keep grinding, remember the more you learn, the more you earn.

Well, there are hundreds and thousands of groups on telegram that might seem like giving a good trading experience but be a bit cautious around the trading groups on telegram as you might be coming across some of the so-called best telegram channels but they won’t be until you take good care of your forex and learn the basics and focus on discipline and proper money management.

How to join a forex trading telegram group or channel?

You can join a forex trading telegram group in simple steps:

  • Click on any of the buttons mentioned above to get access to the forex trading telegram channel/group.
  • You’ll be redirected to the telegram, if you are using the telegram web, log in.
  • Or if you are using your smartphone and have the telegram app installed, you’ll be taken to the joining page.
  • Click on the Join now button.
  • Share or Learn about forex trading from your favorite trader.

Important rules to follow before joining a forex trading telegram group

  • Always try to keep a good environment in the telegram group, and be friendly and respectful.
  • Avoid or don’t initiate any political or religious posts.
  • Don’t share spam or malicious links on the group.
  • Don’t do self-promotion without having permission from the channel owner.

It is worth mentioning that, some of the telegram channels mentioned above also offer important market news and are really helpful by offering fx trading signals on regular basis, these signals are not meant to copy trading signals, of course, you can try that, but I would highly recommend you to get along with your own analysis so that you can get high profit on your own which will help you in increasing in your success rate.



Ronin has been in the forex trading ecosystem since 2019. Mostly trades XAUUSD and US30, works as an SEO specialist and content marketer.

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