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Finotive Funding Review (fxronin : Coupon Code 10% Off)

Traders might like this prop firm. Want to know why? Check out this Finotive Funding review around all the important parameters that might interest you. Market standard drawdowns, excellent payouts, and easy withdrawals. Let’s take a deeper dive into this Finotive Funding review and have a better analysis of this prop firm.

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Address of Finotive Funding Prop Firm & Other Info



Honvéd utca 8. 1st floor,

1054 Budapest, Hungary.

Finotive Funding is under the umbrella of Finotive Funding Kft. (Company registration number: 01-09-384153, Tax number: 29227091-2-41)

Finotive Funding is under the umbrella of Finotive Group Kft. Finotive Funding Kft does not provide any of the investment services listed in the Capital Market Undertakings Act No. 256/2004 Coll. The information on this site is not directed at residents in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local laws or regulations. Finotive Funding are not a broker and do not accept deposits. The offered technical solution for the Finotive Funding MT4 platforms and data feed is powered by our institutional liquidity providers.

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Exploring Finotive Funding: Comprehensive Finote Funding Review

Finotive Funding founded by Oliver Newland (Owner of Finotive Group Kft) has made quite some name in the market, despite it being quite a new player in forex prop firms, Finotive funding is doing good. One of the most important reasons why people are liking this firm is due to the flexibility that one gets. The Funding account starts at a cost of $50 which gives an account of $2500 for trading.

Finotive Funding Review

The trader can reduce their risk exposure by ensuring that they do not have more than the specified number of open positions on one instrument at any one time, depending on their account type. These are the limits:

  • Instant Funding Standard / Challenge: a maximum of 3 open positions
  • Instant Funding Aggressive: Up to 6 open positions

Here are some of the key factors that traders like about Finotive Funding:

  • The funded account starts at a cost of just $50 with one-time refundable fees.
  • Leverage starts from 100:1 to 400:1.
  • 3 different challenge accounts: Classic Challenge Account, Instant Funding (Standard), and Instant Funding (Aggressive).
  • Upto 95% Profit Split available
  • Automated Trading available (EAs approved for use)
  • Uses MT5 as the trading platform
  • Scale up plan up to $3.2 Million
  • The highest plan costs $5,280 for a $100,000 Instant Funding account (Aggressive Model).

What makes Finotive Funding different from other prop firms?

The most important thing that I just saw over here was the time period you can keep your trade open. Where other prop firms like Fundednext that fall under the same category do not offer trades to be held for more than a trading week until and unless you have opted for a swing trading account. Finotive offers the option to open your trades until the last trading day of the trading cycle (trading period usually of 30 days) along with a user-friendly dashboard.

Finotive Funding Dashboard

Free Retry offered by Finotive Funding

Unlike most of the best top-tier prop firms in the forex prop firm ecosystem, Finotive offers free retries for traders who might have not reached the profit target but did not violate any rules in the trading cycle. This free retry policy is basically offered in both phases, phase 1 with a 7.5 % profit target and phase 2 with a 5% profit target.

Funded Programs offered by Finotive Funding

One of the key factors that have made Finotive Funding a popular choice among forex traders is diversification, as the Finotive Funding challenge is divided into 3 different aspects, these include:

Finotive Funding Phase

Classic Challenge Account (Evaluation model)

The Classic challenge account is best suitable for traders that have limited risk management capabilities or are pretty conservative in terms of risk appetite. The program starts with an initial price of $50 one-time refundable fee and goes up to $950 for a $100,000 trading account.

The Classic program can also be a good to go choice for scalpers or day traders.

If we look forward to the daily drawdown, it is limited to 5%, whereas the total drawdown limits to 10% and this drawdown is applicable to both equity and balance. In simple words, if you have a $100,000 trading account, neither your balance nor the equity should be less than 90,000.

Finotive Funding Classic Challenge Account

Upon successfully passing both evaluation steps, you will be granted an account with no expected profit goals. You must only abide by the limitation of a maximum 5% daily loss and a 10% overall decrease. Your first payment will be disbursed within two days after you open your funded account’s first position.

Whenever you receive your initial remuneration, all of your future disbursements will be paid out on a weekly basis. Your profit allocation will vary from 75% to 95% of the benefit you gain from your financed account.

Some rules you need to check out before choosing the Standard Plan (Evaluation phase):

  • A trader must reach a certain rate of return before being allowed to collect their gains, close the evaluation phase, or expand their account. The first phase’s profit goal is 7.5%, with the second stage having an ambition of 5%. Accounts with funding don’t have any gain goals.
  • Daily loss of a maximum of 5% is allowed.
  • Maximum loss of 10% is allowed overall, including the equity and balance.

Finotive Funding Responsible Trading Policies

All traders are obliged to follow our Responsible Trading Policy. We do not condone gambling or high-risk “all-or-nothing” behavior. We do not reward traders who have generated profits through irresponsible trading practices such as:

  • Risking 100% or more of drawdown limits in open trades of any instrument.
  • Risking 50% or more of drawdown limits on individual trades or across open trades of the same instrument.
  • Trading with no-stop loss.

In order to limit our exposure to a single instrument, the trader can have no more open positions of any lot size on the same instrument at any time depending on their account type:

  • Instant Funding Standard / Challenge: 3 open positions
  • Instant Funding Aggressive: 6 open positions

Instant Funding Account

The Instant funding account will be best suitable for traders with a higher risk appetite and more the day trading or trades in volatile instruments like index or commodity. The price starts from $95 and goes up to $2,100 as a 1-time refundable fee. Instant funding does not have any restrictions in terms of phases which might be an issue for some traders depending on their trading style. With the standard instant funding model, you can withdraw any profit over 2.5 % of the account size (scaling target), and these withdrawals can be made on a weekly basis.

Finotive Funding Instant Account

All traders must comply with our Responsible Trading Policy. We do not accept or encourage gambling or risky “all-or-nothing” conduct. We will not reward traders who have made profits by engaging in irresponsible trading activities such as:

  • Investing more than 100% of the drawdown limits in open positions of any instrument.
  • Venturing more than 50% of the drawdown limits on individual trades or across open trades of the same instrument.
  • Exchanging without a stop loss order set.

Instant Funding Account (Aggressive)

The aggressive model is best suitable for traders which have more risk appetite and are focused on the aspect of scaling their account with aggressive trading styles. The instant funding aggressive account starts at a price of $165 and goes up to $5,280. The leverage is limited if we compare this plan to the standard instant funding module. Similar to other models that were mentioned above, the daily loss limit, rules that you cannot breach, and total drawdown are almost the same.

Finotive Funding Instant Account Aggressive

Pros and Cons of Trading with Finotive Funding


  • Offers 3 different funding models.
  • User-friendly dashboard and interface.
  • 100+ forex pairs, indexes, crypto, and commodities combined.
  • Offers 400:1 Leverage better than other prop firms
  • Withdrawal is available for both bank transfers or Deel.
  • Also offers Islamic accounts
  • Scaling plan up to $3.2 Million
  • EAs approved


  • Having an in-house brokerage system which might create an issue for some traders.
  • No MT4 trading is available.

Finotive Funding Trustpilot

Finotive Funding Trustpilot

The Finotive funding has got an overall rating of 4 stars which is pretty good if compared to other prop firms in the ecosystem.

Finotive Funding Account Scaling

The Finotive Funding account scaling model is completely dependent upon the account growth and might vary on different models, the scaling plan is different for Standard and Instant accounts.

For Standard Plan (Evaluation Phase)

PhasePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
Profit Target8%9%10%11%12%
Profit Split75%80%85%90%95%

For Instant Funding Model (Standard)

PhasePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
Profit Target8%9%10%11%12%
Profit Split60%65%70%75%75%

For Instant Funding Model (Aggressive)

PhasePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
Profit Target16%18%20%22%24%
Profit Split60%65%70%75%75%

Which forex broker is used by Finotive funding?

Finotive funding uses its own in-house brokerage (Finotive Markets) for managing all of the funded assets. Well, this can be a good thing for some traders and from the prop firms’ perspective since the money is safe with their own brokerage. Well, this can create some questions in front of traders, and that’s pretty obvious.

Checkout the comparison article on FundedNext vs. Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding Alternatives

There are hundreds and hundreds of prop firms in the market, below listed are some of the best Finotive funding alternatives that we would like you to have a look around:

Which broker does Finotive Funding use?

Finotive funding uses their in-house brokerage, the Finotive Markets.

Which is the lowest model offered by Finotive Funding?

The cheapest plan you can get is for a $50 one-time refundable fee. The Classic challenge account costs $50 and gives access to trading capital of $2500 if you pass the evaluation phase.

Can I own multiple funded accounts by Finotive Funding?

Yes, you can buy and have multiple funded accounts from different models, including classic, instant, and instant aggressive plans/models.

When was Finotive funding founded?

Finotive Funding is the fourth company under the Finotive Group umbrella and was founded on the 23rd of April 2021, they officially launched on the 23rd of June 2021.

Should I choose Finotive Funding as my prop firm?

Yes, you can try Finotive Funding as your choice if we look forward to some of the key factors that make Finotive a good-to-go choice due to diversification, low spreads, and competitive leverage. Overall the experience with Finotive has been really great. You can choose the best trading module as per your trading style and can work accordingly to scale your account.



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